Bottle, Bucket, Filter, Storage

Our expandable water bottle makes storage simple an fast. Whether youre in the concrete jungle, or the real one. For each bottle purchased we will ship a duplicate bottle to one of our partner NGOs, who will distribute them to those who need them most.


  • You need water

    Human beings need water. There is a very good chance that you are a human being.

  • Others need water

    There are human beings in the developing world. They need water too. You buy a purple water bottle, someone else gets one too.

  • Share the moisture

    When you buy a Purple Water Bottle you will have the choice to help someone who needs one too.


We make this happen through drop ship distributors who ship to you and a collection facily. The collection facility packages the bottles and sends them to partner NGOs.

  • 5,120 Packages Shipped
  • 8,192 Bottles Shipped
  • 22 Partner Agencies
  • 4,016 People Helped
  • $122,994 Dollars Raised


Make the watering hole better for everyone

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